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Are you aware of the difference between replica watches and high imitation watches?


Are you aware of the difference between replica watches and high imitation watches?

Today we talk about the versions of all replica watches on the market, so that everyone can thoroughly analyze the different quality values ​​and qualities of replica watches.

First of all, let’s start with the movement. The ETA movement factory under the world’s largest watch luxury goods group swatch produces four movements with the model number 2824.2892.6497.7750. These four movements are among the best-selling movements in the world. Because the patent protection period has passed, domestic watch manufacturers follow the same pattern to produce imitation movements. The most commonly used 2824 movement costs 1,500 RMB for Swiss-made, while domestically produced watches cost only 800. Brand watches equipped with Swiss-made 2824 movement are all priced above 3,000, while the price for domestically-made movements is above 2,000, which is huge. The price difference gave birth to the production and sales of replica watches.

Imitation watches are also hierarchical, and can be divided into low defense, general defense, re-engraving, and super-re-engraving according to the degree of fineness. Different grades correspond to different workmanship and different prices.

Low imitation, this kind of anti-watch can basically be seen through at a glance, the workmanship is extremely rough, the style is also conjecture.

Common imitation is also the most imitation watch on the market, which can be clearly distinguished by people who know about watches. The general-prevention watches are imitating the hot-selling styles on the market, and the workmanship is average.

For re-engraving, fake watch manufacturers usually buy real watches directly to disassemble them for surveying and mapping. Tissot Le Locle, Longines Army Flag, Cartier Blue Balloon, Panerai pam111, Rolex Blackwater Ghost, Omega AT8500 are all the hardest hit areas. The workmanship of the replica watch has been greatly improved.

Generally speaking, the replica watches on the market are imitations of the hottest models. Tissot Le Locle, Longines Army Flag, Cartier Blue Balloon, Panerai pam111, Rolex Blackwater Ghost, Omega AT8500… If you encounter this watch with a steel model, a dense bottom, and an ETA movement, it will be easier to produce.

Give a few examples

Cartier Blue Balloon

The replica watch of this watch is the most blooming, not only made domestically, but also abroad. The reason is the steel model, Midi, ETA movement, high cost, large profit margin, and high market acceptance. The blue balloon replica watch is divided into many versions, the lowest one can be seen at a glance, and the blue on the hands of the watch is brushed up with paint. A more refined imitation watch will use blue steel pointers. At this time, it depends on the font on the dial and the engraving on the needle shaft. The above two versions can generally be distinguished by those who have used the real blue balloon watch. It is really invisible. Open the movement and check it directly. The low-level replica watches use the domestic imitation ETA movement, which is fake at a glance. Then, there is a higher version, using the ETA movement produced in Switzerland, just like the real watch, the hands are also baked blue needles, the fonts and lettering are also fine, even the independent code on each watch is the same as the real watch. The same, will not be repeated. With such a watch, 95% of people can’t tell whether it is true or false.

Are you aware of the difference between replica watches and high imitation watches?
If the high version of the Cartier fake watch mentioned above is worn in your hand, it will be difficult for professionals to tell the truth. Of course, there are experts in China who can distinguish by appearance, and ordinary people certainly cannot reach such a realm.


Blancpain 50 Fathoms

When this replica watch first came out, I really frightened the editor, because the biggest feature of this watch is the sapphire bezel, which is difficult to imitate. Unexpectedly, the domestic replica watch manufacturer successfully solved the problem of sapphire grinding and produced this one. The watch mirror also uses a spherical sapphire watch mirror with an inner coating, which can give a beautiful blue circle under light.

Are you aware of the difference between replica watches and high imitation watches?
Some low-end Tissot Le Loco series, Mido, etc. also have imitations, so I remind everyone, like a certain treasure, a certain Dong said that it is genuine, it is best to be cautious, and the replica watches are divided into many grades, just like emeralds have A , B, C goods, the early-produced replica watches have many flaws in details, and the later-produced replica watches manufacturers will modify them according to market reactions, and strive to reach the highest level.

Most replica watches are very confusing. Even if two replica watches of the same style have the same appearance, they are also different in quality. You need to be cautious when buying a watch. At present, there are many fake watches, and those who don’t understand should give pointers, don’t enter them randomly. Especially when buying on Taobao or WeChat purchasing, if you can’t tell, it’s easy to buy fake watches with the money of real watches.

Don’t listen to what Taobao shopkeepers and WeChat bosses say that you can inspect goods at counters. Domestic watch counter sales staff are uneven, and some have not received professional training at all, and it is impossible to distinguish between true and false. In addition, in order to avoid suspicion, brand counters will not issue authenticity certificates for watches.

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