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How to distinguish whether a watch is a genuine or a high imitation watch


How to distinguish whether a watch is a genuine or a high imitation watch

There are many high imitation watches now, and good high imitation watches are similar to genuine watches. At least people who don’t know much about watches will definitely not be able to distinguish them. The imitation is so good, but its price is a fraction of the price of a genuine watch, or even some one-tenth. For us novices, it is not so easy to buy a watch. If you want to buy a genuine watch, you must buy it from a regular watch store, otherwise it is very likely to be pitted. The following editor is to tell you how to distinguish whether a watch is a genuine or a high imitation watch.

1. Look at the movement

The identification of the movement should be established on the basis of being very familiar with the movement model and movement identification used in the real watch. For example, a hollowed-out watch requires careful observation of the words on the movement. The real watch has a clear and beautiful engraving, while the fake watch is rough and crude. Finally, it is necessary to have a deep understanding of the performance of the movement, such as the winding method and the sound of the movement when it is running, etc., will help you add points in the recognition.

2. Look at the subtleties of appearance

Carefully observe the appearance of the watch, such as the polished appearance, the polished technique of the real watch is exquisite and elegant, while the craftsmanship of the fake watch is far from it. In addition, the craftsmanship of this watch, such as the shape of the screws, the polishing and engraving patterns of the bottom of the watch, some brands have their own special marks and logos in the details of the craftsmanship.

3. Look at the label imprint and number

Real watches have their own patterns and digital imprints on the strap, buckle, bottom, lugs, etc. Usually the bottom label of a famous watch has the brand LOGO and the digital identification of the watch model. Some watches also have laser anti-counterfeiting on the bottom label. For example, Rolex, the real watch has the effect of illusion, and the fake watch is a green paper. Usually the labels of fake watches are printed lightly, and the size of the characters is not regular, giving people a skewed feeling, the number does not even conform to the coding law of the watch, or the number of digits in the thick line is too long.

4. Watch the watch glass

At present, the production level of watch glass is relatively high, all made of sapphire crystal glass. In the identification, there are still some clever methods. Some brands of watches will have labels on the glass. For example, Rolex watches will have a small line of ROLEX English letters at 6 o’clock. There is a simpler way to distinguish, tap the surface of the glass lightly with your fingers, and the real sapphire crystal will emit a crisp sound.

5. Look at the dial

The commonly used disc surface techniques of high-end watches include enamel surface, guilloché process, metal radiating surface, shell surface, etc. Some watches have their own unique technologies, such as Rolex’s computer disk and Cartier’s pure gold-plated silver-engraved disk surface. Fake dials will never use precious metals or inlaid with real gems. They are mostly rhinestones and artificial zircons. Some even use natural diamonds, but the inlays are uneven, uneven, large or small in diameter, and often broken.

6. Look at the function

Most fake watches don’t work hard on their functions. This is the best way to distinguish between true and false. Many fake watches have functions such as moon phases, perpetual calendars, tourbillons, etc. They actually don’t have this function.

7. Look at the pointer

The real hands are very different from the fake ones in terms of length, thickness, shape and material. For example, the “blue steel hands” often used in high-end watches. The hands of real watches are made by complex craftsmanship, and the color is full and blue, while the blue of the hands of fake watches is simply brushed up, which is not only shiny and shiny. The brightness is not enough, and the pointer is not flat and the edges and corners are not distinguished.

8. Look at the watch box and certificate

The value of famous watches is reflected in all aspects, and the packaging is naturally not sloppy. The watch box of a high-end watch is very elegant, and the certificate will also be printed with the model of the watch and a unique production serial number, which is generally called “birth paper”. Some brand certificates will also be printed with pinhole punching technology, and the number of the watch will be stamped on the certificate to prevent counterfeiting.

9. Look at the strap

The belts of high-end watches are mostly made of high-quality crocodile leather, which is sewn by hand, regardless of the material and craftsmanship. On the other hand, fake watches are rough, with larger stitches and a feeling of looseness.

10. Look at hidden places

Observe all the corners and corners, such as the inside of the strap. The lead of the real watch will have a number. This is difficult to achieve with a fake watch, and it is also the most easily overlooked place by the seller. For more professional identification, it is necessary to disassemble the appearance and check the mechanical parts, such as the nails, sleeves, and strap sections of the strap. The crown tube of the real watch and the fake watch is completely different in the installation process. If it is a K gold watch, its crown tube should also be golden. The fake watch may be steel-colored and has no internal teeth. This can be seen by pulling out the crown.
After reading it, is it inspiring? We must look at the details when buying watches. Generally speaking, the details are the most difficult to do. We also do the same when buying watches.

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