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Re-engraved watches teach you how to identify re-engraved watches, those are rubbish! Those are top replicas!


Re-engraved watches teach you how to identify re-engraved watches, those are rubbish! Those are top replicas!

If you have never touched a replica watch in the past, then when you suddenly come into contact with this thing or occasionally hear people mention it, you will definitely be at a loss. Maybe you will hear someone tell you that “that thing is actually high.” “Imitation watches”, some people will tell you “counterfeit goods of XX watches” and similar words, then what I want to tell you is-what these people told you can only be described as “superficial”. Why you must be confused to say that, then you as a layman. Should I at least understand what the next replica watch is?

1. What is a replica watch?


Regarding this problem, in simple terms, a replica watch is a watch made by disassembling the parts of the genuine watch one by one, and then copying each part of the genuine watch according to 1:1, but it is different from the general imitation. table.

2. Why are there replica watches on the market?

This question is about the demand for watches. In my opinion, the demand for watches is nothing more than two categories: watch lovers and people with rigid needs.

Let’s talk about watch lovers first. There are all kinds of things in this world, but the hobby of playing watches, especially famous brand watches, is indeed too extravagant, so many watch enthusiasts will choose to buy replica watches and experience eye addiction. Most people don’t like watches, but because of the nature of the work they are engaged in, the working environment or the social class they are in, they must have a decent watch on them to save face. Elevate your social status in the eyes of others, or you own a Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, etc., and wear an imitation watch that is difficult for others to recognize


(Picture: Some representative works of the replica watch industry)

3. What is the difference between a replica watch and a general imitation watch?

You can understand replica watches as imitation watches, but not all imitation watches can be called replica watches. Here is a concept: In addition to genuine watches, the level of craftsmanship of imitation watches can be divided from low to high. “Garbage imitation watches, general imitation watches, high imitation watches, ultra-high imitation watches, replica watches”. Ignore the general imitation watches and the following grades. From the high imitation watch, the high imitation is the name of the ordinary factory imitating the famous watch. This kind of watch basically respects the original version, but the shortcoming lies in the actual workmanship of the various parts of the watch. There are still many gaps in the material details, and the original shape can be revealed directly in front of a genuine watch.



Super high imitation watch, super high imitation can be said to be very rigorous, very faithful and honest in making imitation watches, most of the watch movement adopts the seagull movement. Even according to market demand, the ETA movement of the Swiss Swatch Group or the Swiss SW200 movement will be used. But even so, ultra-high imitation has its shortcomings. The main reason is that most of these products are mass-produced and the overall workmanship. Most of the ultra-high imitation watch cases, straps, dials, screws and other parts are not so fine. Professionals are not required to appraise them. If careful people are careful Observation, it is also easy to find deficiencies and flaws in the workmanship, such as the polishing of the edge of the case, the treatment of the strap interface, the density of the metal drawing, the polishing of the movement under the back-through style, etc., will be due to equipment and personnel. , Technical process problems lead to deficiencies. Xingchen Watch Industry delivers quality inspection under strong light, and no defects are delivered to ensure that customers get no defects in their hands. We respect the concept of service-oriented and do our best. At this stage, the ultra-high imitation part of the market has the most moisture and the most fakes. It is also in this field. Many unscrupulous sellers on the Internet will sell high imitation watches as ultra-high imitations. If you are not involved in this industry or have no knowledge of friends, you can easily be cheated by these people. .

(Picture: Some representative works of the replica watch industry)

Finally, let’s talk about the re-engraved watch. Since the manufacturer buys a genuine watch and disassembles it one by one, it re-engraves all parts of the watch, the case, strap and clasp, and then hands it to the various foundries to do it and purchase the movement by themselves. , And then ask the master who installed the watch to assemble the watch, so it is difficult to see if it is a non-professional person. In a sense, the replica watch represents the pinnacle of the imitation watch industry. In terms of craftsmanship and engineering, it completely surpasses the popular Swiss brand watches in the shopping mall counters. A friend once bought a counter brand Swiss mechanical watch with cheap hands. After a complete dismantling and comparison with the re-engraved version, the re-engraved version of the movement is completely authentic. Why?

The main reason is that due to the mass production of watches, such authentic watch manufacturers basically have no independent movement. Their movements rely heavily on ETA imports, and they even use movements manufactured by their merged subsidiaries. Strictly speaking, these genuine watch factories make external parts such as watch cases. The similarity between the replica watch and the genuine product can be as high as 99%. It is not difficult to explain why someone can take a replica watch to the brand counter for after-sales maintenance, and the service staff honestly give the service without knowing it. The reason is.

4. Where are the replica watches produced?

When it comes to this issue, I have to talk about the “manufacturers” that produce replica watches. I will list the manufacturers I know about at this stage as follows: (in alphabetical order)



N: NOOB (N Factory) New Factory S: SF SW SN T: TF V: VK V6 (V6F)

W: WX Y: YL Z: ZF O: OS 604F 3A

After understanding these manufacturers, if a merchant tells you that his watch is “assembled in Hong Kong”, “imported customs smuggled” or “customized by professional watchmakers”, etc. (Of course there are many others, everyone Brain fill it), then it is undoubtedly a scam. At present, the manufacturers with more mobile products on the market are mainly N factory, v6 factory, kw, JF, ZF. The prices of these types of watches are basically above 2000. Mentioning these factories does not mean that products made by other manufacturers cannot be used on the table. It is just that among the watches I personally contact, these manufacturers produce more. And the prices of other small factories are low, but the quality and workmanship are not very good, so you must choose the right seller and manufacturer to buy the replica watch;

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