High imitation watch

What movement are used in high imitation watches?


What movement are used in high imitation watches?

The current market for high imitation watches and imitation watches is too chaotic. For any consumer who wants to buy a watch, exercise is the most important consideration. In fact, no matter how well a watch is made, if the movement is not good, it makes people crazy to wear it. We often hear the company say when introducing watches: “Swiss movement”, “ETA movement”, “original movement” and other words are used. Is that right? As Xiaobai, how to choose a replica watch with better mobility? First of all, let’s take a look at the movement of imitation watches on the market.

1. Real Swiss movement

Many consumers know little about the movement of a watch. When they talked about watches, they felt that they must have a Swiss-style movement. They believe that mechanical watches cannot move accurately except for Swiss-style movements. In fact, this understanding is very wrong. For example, the movements used by major non-Swiss watch brands such as Cartier, Penahai and Langer are mostly self-produced, and they do not use Swiss movements. Swiss movements are divided into homemade movements and basic movements

(1) Brand self-produced movement

Self-produced movements refer to movements produced by watch brands for their own use, such as Abbey 3120, Rolex 3135, Hublot 4100, etc. This type of movement is usually only genuine. The reason is simple. If you are the boss of the watch brand, you may Will you let your own sports be exiled and let others do imitation watches? of course not. Another way of thinking is that if anyone can get a brand’s own sports, then getting the original case should not be a problem. Since there are original sports and original cases, is that imitation? In addition, the price of this self-made sport is also high. For example, the price of the Rolex 3135 movement on the market is also 561. If you go to the counter to change one, the price of Abi 3120 is tens of thousands. Many customers think I am bragging. In fact, you just need to think about it. If you buy a watch at a price of 70,000 yuan, and its movement is worth 10,000 to 20,000 yuan, you should understand

(2)Basic movement

The basic movement refers to the general movement produced by ETA, SW and other movement factories. The basic movement includes semi-finished products and finished products. Semi-finished products are mainly sports. Then the observation company extracts semi-finished products from the sports factory for processing, and converts it into its own sports, such as Long Qin’s cal.l619. In fact, the basic action is eta2892-a2, or it can be a self-made action; the completed actions include Eta2824, eta2836, eta2892, sw200, etc. We are familiar with Swiss sports. Many watches are also directly installed with basic movements, such as Tissot, Mido, Hamilton, Longqin, Tudor, etc. Even some models such as Omega, IWC, and Panhai also use ETA finished movements. The price of this exercise is not high. Generally speaking, prices in Switzerland range from US$120 to US$500. However, because Switzerland prohibits the provision of mobility to the mainland, many Swiss movements can only be carried out through Hong Kong, and the number is much smaller. Of course, the price is very high for sports merchants in Shenzhen! And like ETA’s 7750 and 6497, ETA’s control is very strict, the mainland is almost out of print, and the price is too high.

It is not difficult to understand that if the imitation watch is equipped with a Swiss movement, only the basic movement will be used. If the genuine watch itself uses a basic movement, you can choose to install a Swiss movement; if it is a watch with a sealed bottom, you can install any movement; however, if a watch with a base movement is installed, it will be The movement structure is different from the genuine self-made movement and the case back is faked

Is it necessary to install a Swiss movement to copy the watch? I don’t think it is necessary. For three reasons

First of all, the movements in Switzerland are not as accurate as expected. The Swiss movement error standard is 30 seconds per day. Many customers want to say that my Omega is only 5 seconds. That’s because you are a Swiss Observatory certified movement. Can tens of thousands of watch movements have a standard error of thousands? you get what you pay for. In addition, what I want to say is that the motion error mainly depends on the debugging. In other words, the movements of seagulls can also be adjusted more accurately than those of Switzerland.

Second, the movements of domestic seagulls, Shanghai and Japan’s Citizen are not as bad as you think! Many consumers bought about two to three hundred domestic watches. They found that the movement was rubbish, the time was inaccurate, and even the watch broke a few days later. Then they think that domestic sports are not good. In fact, this understanding is wrong. First of all, the price of the watch you want to buy is very low, so the movement of the watch will not be very good at this price. Usually some low-end movements, such as the Pearl movement, are priced around 80-150. This type of movement has poor material, poor stability and large errors. But if you think about it from another angle, how good can you expect it to be? The running time and stability of Seagull, Shanghai and Citizen in Japan are very good, especially Seagull and Citizen. I think they are similar to the basic sports in Switzerland! Baidu’s “Seagull Movement”, you will find full of praise! If seagull sports are not good, why do so many professional players on the Internet recognize it? Seagull Sports is sold overseas and is recognized internationally, but it is denied by most watch Xiaobai. It is a very ridiculous thing in itself! But the price of these movements is as high as hundreds of yuan, some even thousands of yuan, and the price of watches is not low. In the market, many businesses sell these high-quality domestic sports as Swiss sports, fooling consumers. After consumers received the watch, they found that the workmanship was good and the movements were accurate. Naturally, they think that they are buying a real Swiss movement, they are secretly happy, and continue to thank the merchants

Third, the main consideration for imitation watches is good workmanship, imitations, and going online. There is no need to spend more money, it must be a Swiss movement. The workmanship is good, and the workmanship in large factories is generally good; on the right path, whether it is Seagull, Shanghai or Citizen. We know that some watches are homemade. For this kind of movement, direct installation of any movement will cause the movement structure to be different from the original one. what should we do? Only use the modified move. At present, most of the modified EMUs are equipped with a layer of baffle on the EMUs of Seagull, Shanghai, and Citizen, making the EMUs look like real EMUs. However, the original motion structure has not been changed, so the travel time and stability of the motion will not be affected. Some customers want to install a Swiss movement on any watch. In fact, it is possible to install a sealed bottom movement, but it is better to install this improved movement on the bottom movement. First of all, the performance of the movement is similar, and secondly, the degree of simulation is relatively high, so it does not look like directly installing the Swiss base movement

In addition, imitation watches must be purchased from large factories. Don’t buy goods from small factories at very low prices. The goods of large factories are not only a practical problem of good workmanship and good imitation, but also a better assembly environment in large factories, which greatly reduces the movement inaccuracy caused by impurities in the assembly of watches.

2. Japanese movement

At present, many imitation watches will also use movements imported from Japan, mainly from Citizen and Seiko. The movements are very accurate, similar to Switzerland, but the price is similar to that of seagulls. In fact, the Japanese movement is far better than the impression of most Chinese consumers. The daily error standard for Japanese sports is 35 seconds, and the daily error standard for Swiss sports is 30 seconds. The actual movement error is mostly more than 10 seconds, sometimes even your Swiss movement error is more than 20 seconds, and the error of other people’s Japanese movements is only a few seconds! Many top imitation watches use Japanese movements to reproduce the authentic movements, which is also the improved movement mentioned earlier. For example, the Omega 8500 movement is reproduced with the West special 9015 movement, and the Abbey 3120 movement is also reproduced with the 9015 movement. This kind of movement has good performance, high degree of simulation, and the price is much cheaper than ordinary Swiss movement! Chinese consumers pay attention to fame and lack of thinking. For example, cars are always better than Mercedes-Benz and BMW. why? Because it is the first to enter the Chinese market, it is very famous in China, and it is already well-known in the world. Movement is the same. I think Swiss sports are the best, because we only know that Swiss sports are the most famous! A very interesting question is that most consumers also want to see Swiss trends when buying quartz watches. If you ask them whether they want Swiss quartz or Japanese quartz, they would rather buy Swiss quartz at a high price! Actually, I didn’t know that the quartz movement was invented by the Japanese…

3. Domestic movement

The better ones are Seagull, Beijing, Shanghai, etc. Among them, the basic movements of Seagull 2824 and 2836 are very good, the travel time is stable, and the error is small. The 7750 movement in Shanghai is the best 7750 movement in China, and these movements are not cheap. Like noob kW ZF etc., they mostly use Japanese sports or Seagull and Shanghai! Here we can also imitate Banhai P with the motion of seagulls. Series sports, Shanghai sports imitating Omega 9300 sports, etc., basically retain all the functions of authentic products. At the same time, it is more stable and has a high degree of simulation, which is better than installing Swiss basic motion

4. What is an imitation Swiss movement

Imitated Swiss movement is just a name. For example, the seagull st2130 and Hangzhou 6300 are actually imitating the Swiss eta2824-2 movement; even the Swiss sw200 is also an imitation of the Eta2824, and the SW500 is also an imitation of the eta7750. Since many of ETA’s sports patents have expired, other sports manufacturers can also produce this kind of sports. Generally speaking, we call the imitation ETA movements produced by domestic movement manufacturers as “Imitated Swiss” movements, and there are similar “Imitated Swiss” movements, such as 2836, 2671, 2892, 3135, etc. At present, most merchants They all say that their watches are Swiss ETA movements, and some prices are only a few hundred to 1,000 yuan. You can’t even buy a real Swiss movement at this price, let alone a top imitation watch; in fact, these sports are imitations of Swiss sports. However, this sales method cannot be entirely blamed on the merchants, because it is in line with consumers’ perceptions. Many consumers think that prices in Switzerland are similar.

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