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How to distinguish between true and false Rolex green water ghosts


How to distinguish between true and false Rolex green water ghosts

How to distinguish between true and false Rolex green water ghosts

The watch I introduce today is familiar to everyone, the hot watch on the market, it is our most familiar diving watch, the Rolex Green Water Ghost.

How to distinguish between true and false Rolex green water ghosts
Why write another article to evaluate and compare.

How to distinguish between true and false Rolex green water ghosts
Because this watch comes from the new watch factory VR factory.

How to distinguish between true and false Rolex green water ghosts
After I got it, I made a detailed observation.

How to distinguish between true and false Rolex green water ghosts
The work of this watch is very good, it is more authentic, rewrite the two-in-one article, and everyone appreciates this accustomed watch.

How to distinguish between true and false Rolex green water ghosts
First of all, speaking from the front. As we all know, the color of the outer ring of the green water ghost is difficult to imitate, the cost is high, the technology is difficult, and the color is difficult to master, which has always been one of the problems of high imitation. The colors of this watch are too visible, and the previous versions are very similar no matter how good or bad. The VR version introduced today is the highest version on the market. Let me tell everyone. The shooting scene was indoors, because the light was not enough, so everyone’s eyes were a bit wrong, but under normal outdoor light, the color was exactly the same as the original product. The moment I got it, I was conquered. Don’t say anything else, only the outside color, aren’t we always pursuing what we want? Compared with the genuine product, there is no pressure at all, shooting indoors, and comparing the two together, they are really the same and there is no error. The color and scale of the outer wheel on the front are the key points, so I want to focus on it. Next we take a look at the details of the outer ring.

Contrast of outer circle. In the past, when we evaluated watches, the most common problem on the outside of ceramics was technical difficulties and low yield. This is true for any watch factory. The photos outside gave me different angles, different light. The green of the green water ghost is indescribable. The refraction gloss is not so translucent, with milky white and very moisturizing. The gloss is good. If we find something suitable for this color in our real life, this green is very similar to the color of jade, the color is deep and the luster is good, but I think it is not so bright. Compared with the genuine product, the reflection effect and color of different angles are completely the same, which is the strongest version on the market. The details of the outer scale are perfectly mastered, the engraving depth is exactly the same, and the font and size are well mastered. The engraving blade is the same as the original one, it is slightly inclined and has a three-dimensional effect, and there are unclear diagonal lines inside. The above luminous beads are also one of the key points. Because the tiny protrusions of the luminous beads have good visual effects, they are easy to read, and the protrusions are too prominent, very ugly, and difficult to grasp. The two contrast effects here are exactly the same. The work is really good. In the case of readability, Not suddenly, the color of the inner luminous beads is also very good. The more difficult we know, the more difficult it is to imitate. It is really familiar to us. What kind of details need to be paid attention to. Why can the green water ghost of the VR factory introduced here be the strongest version now? The details are strengthened and upgraded. Great.

Contrast literally. Literally also very common. The literal dark green is also very attractive, reflecting the luster according to the angle. The literal scale is filled with luminous, the outer ring is thin, the traditional wide three needles, the style is simple, and the readability is very good. It has a practical calendar display function on the right side. The mirror is equipped with a magnification function to improve underwater readability. In contrast, the making of word meaning signs and the grasp of text fonts are excellent. In the comparison of the last word m in the second row below, the degree of inclination and the interval are exactly the same. The comparison of the size of the word meaning pointer can be compared from the center to the position of the scale, as can be seen from the frontal comparison just now.

Side comparison. Seen from the side. The thickness is completely constant, using the highly similar Seagull 2836 movement, and the revised 3135 movement is unstable. The most prominent feature of a consumable watch case is its protection and stability. In the comparison of the crown, the logo engraving is exactly the same, mastering the opening angle of the crown. Compare the teeth of the outer ring on the side. From the number, shade, and angle of the edge of the edge, you can enlarge the image for comparison, and there is no problem. The outer ring on the back of the shell is made of round wire drawing, which has a texture, and the back shell is made of straight wire drawing, which creates a sense of contrast with the surroundings. The drawing function is slender, and the drawing has a good texture only in very delicate circumstances. The case is better protected than the crown. The overall weight of the box made of stainless steel is large, and the contrast of the box is also given full marks, which is invincible in work. Attention should also be paid to the details of the fine-toothed mouth of the bottom shell. The small arrow is made very meticulously and exquisitely, and it is decorated even if it is not carved inside.

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