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Rolex Hot Explosive Watch Green Ghost Process Detail is worthwhile!


Rolex Hot Explosive Watch Green Ghost Process Detail is worthwhile!

Recently, I have to say the most popular replica table. Non-Larat green water ghosts, if it is the most confusing replica table, they also have to say green water ghosts. Rolex green water ghosts have too many stories in the reissue, too many versions, and even too much pre-deposit, so that the N factory is full of unrecognizable, not only the V10 version is called by RXF, AR and ZZ. The force, even N factory just prepares new version, and pretending to be available.

The attempt finally determined between 1100 to 1250 degrees Celsius. N factory multi-year experience plus multi-engineer\’s painstance, and finally showed everyone to the green circle of the temple, and the professionals under the naked eye is difficult to distinguish, completely crush all the current versions of the market. [Bluebao Night Light Stone] Exclusive Technology, adding sapphire mirror in the outer layer of the nightstone, in only 3mm diameter, the mirror is difficult, through high Accurate advanced equipment, or successful completion, achieved the same scratch-resistant night pearl. Retreating again proves the power of the N factory. The scale of the outer ring is used in a physical vapor deposition technique. , Coated the platinum powder high temperature on the font, making the font color durable, and it does not fill the color after the water. The outer air buckle of the buckle is the same, as long as the finger is left, the other finger is pressing the buckle, the insurance The buckle can be automatically popped. It is also exclusive technology throughout the market. Ceramic sheets and circle bases are inner buckles, not small or low versions of double-sided adhesive. The lithotto is full of lithographic stones, and Laza is more delicate beforeby [Accessories Universal Original] uses Germany imported CNC scanning all accessories, one is interchanged with the original accessories with the original accessories, including the case, circle, bottom Cover, inner cover, ears, straps, buckle. High, corrosion resistant to resistant. The shaft head hollow problem has been spitted for two or three years. Finally, after each family has changed the solid axis, N factory is forced to change, this It is also the difference between V11 and V10. However, the solid central axis of the model N plant V11 green water does not know what to forget to fill it. Anyway, the water ghost axes of the two colors are completely different, then confirmed, it turned out that the template problem, the big time The goods are uniform, and I have a hop. N factory V11 water ghost axis, is a fill of some metal, in order to look solid in the naked eye, but after zooming in 20 times, you will find that this axis and the RXF plant of this axis is not a grade effect. The axis of the RxFe\’s pointer is very obvious to see an axis in the middle, rather than use some metal things casually filled with a genuine 90% skill and visual sense. The center of the dial is made of literal effect. Now the market is now in Greenwich has been using this design, and this literal design Cost will be higher. Moreover, the center literal does not make sinking, the reflective light of the gold movement can be seen, completely affecting the beauty. The N factory V11 in the pointer is better than V10, the glitch of V10 is really miserable, but in the green model, it can still see some. In general, the sleever of the needle is better than V10, but compared with the same The grade manufacturers can only say the middle of the water. The calendar font is actually no problem, although it is a few tens of times to see slightly whispered, but this is no longer observed if the naked eye does not take advantage of the tool. The number V11 has changed, and V10 is T1G, but the individual is estimated.One month, many of the imitation N manufacturers will produce the same number of steel strips, so it is actually dangerous to use steel. The chamfer of this button is very obvious than the old version, the picture is not very reflected, but the actual feel is obviously improved, no cut hand. However, the opening of the top cover is still greasy, and it is always compared with RXF or AR. The buckle is not distinguished significantly, but there are often such oil stains, which is very influential, bad reviews, and control too much. The movement of the movement is still tradition, providing 3135 or 2836, 3135 we don\’t sell for a long time, after all, the fault rate is high, and the whole table is more expensive than 28. I don\’t think about any reason. The 2836 aspect is still used in Hangzhou movements. This overall failure rate is not high, but than the 2824 of the seagull is sure, the two movements are purchased in large quantities, but the difference is more than one hundredth, but it is impossible to know the N factory is Strive to maximize profits in each aspect, AR and other plants are used by seagulls 2824, and stability is more secure. Overall, the N-plant V11 green water ghost can be said, such as the green than the V10 version of the ceramic circle, but has not exceeded the center of the pointer. Become a solid, but it is something that is changed by other factories. For the shortcoming of V10 pointers, the treatment is more interested, but it can only be said to have reached the same level as AR or RXF plant.

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