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Take you to experience the Rolex Ghost King gradient blue research on the aesthetic process!


Take you to experience the Rolex Ghost King gradient blue research on the aesthetic process!

Currently, there is a re-enactment of this Rolex\’s gradient blue, which is a family, which is Ar / N plant / VR factory. Today, we will take a look at which one is the best. . Buy a replica watch, although the price is thousands, but the author believes that there is a good understanding of its cultural background, not only to talk to others, but more importantly, we don\’t just A piece of ornament is also an art culture.

904L stainless steel case, the housing size reaches 44 mm, the thickness is 17.6 mm, which can resist the pressure of 3.1 tons, the thickness of 5.5 mm, and the magnifying glass is canceled. The cover uses 5-stage titanium metal, the lap with Rolex patented Ringlock system, the housing design of the housing, the strap design retractable GLIDELOCK extension system, and the strap is extended to 20 mm. The wrist table built-in 3135 automatic upper chain movement, the new model is certified by the top of the Rolex, and the daily error is within two seconds. The lap is a black cerachrom ceramic zero plate with platinum digital coating and a scale, and the dial is easy to read ChromAlight night light showing a long-effect blue brightened material.

AR factory V2 version of Rolex Ghost Gluten Blue Contrast AR factory V1 version of the Rolex Ghost King gradient blueped, the author believes that there are some points,

1, the disk improvement, the blue black proportion of disk surface is large, and the genuine is entitled, and the Blue and black ratio is consistent with the genuine.

2, the scale color, the previous version of the luminous color filled in the previous version is not consistent, some whites, some are treated, it looks uncoordinated, feeling It is a clear small flaw, the correction is the same, the color is consistent

3, about the night pearl, this is actually progressing when shipping after V1, the night pearl itself is round The texture, but the location is not in the middle, V2 corrects the position of the night pearls, and is displayed.

4, movement,The super 3135 movement is selected, and the stability is greatly improved.

On this basis, the AR plant always maintains the case and the strap steel. The advancement of the process is unmatched by other two other two in steel. Before comparing the AR factory V2 Rolex Ghostwright, before the Ghostwood Ghostwear, let\’s take a look at the V1 version of the ghostwise gradient blue and the n-plant ghost king gravity blue.

1, the disk surface, from the literal blue granulation effect, the N factory blue graduation is to become black after Deepsea, and the AR plant V1 blue granary is always Diffraction to 8 o\’clock, this blue gradient area is larger than the N plant. The black area of ​​the N factory is obviously larger than the AR plant. The relatively relatively relatively close to the N factory, but the N plant is slightly dark. The blue graduation effect is that the AR is a slightly highlight, and the extension is also large. However, the AR plant V2 version of the gradient blue ghost king fixes this mistake, the V2 enhancement version fixes the scale ratio of blue black two colors to Deepsea, so at this point, there is no gap.

2, the night pearl, the N plant is a bit flue, AR is more round, like jade. It looks comfortable, this Ar is the same as the authentic.

3, ceramic circle scale, color AR official publicity platinum scale, actually not, but AR factory Rolex grades blue white long-lasting, this is after wearing Feedback, but all the water ghosts of the N factory will be grayed after a period of time, and the color is more than one. The comparative scale is shade, the N factory\’s scale will be slightly smaller, and the aggregation of Ar is relatively deep.

4, the exhaust valve is specially developed for the occupational divers. Diver tend to work in the diving clock during deep sea diving. Before reaching the horizontal surface, the diving clock is filled with helium and oxygen mixed gas.

5, the ear curness, the two plants have been a bit slightlythe difference. The N plant is slightly bent angle. The relatives of Ar is straightforward. On the comfort, AR will be a little bit better.

6, the three-dimensional effects, both manufacturers are almost. The English font N plant is relatively full. This N factory is with genuine. The details of the N factory font is still in place. After all, it has been studied for many years, and experience is still rich.

7, the second needle central axis, the N factory is solid, Ar is hollow, the two plants are different from genuine. But n is slightly close, the genuine central axis is solid, but there is a bump in the middle of the solid. There is a sudden point in the center of the printed secondary axis.

8, the letter behind the buckle, the relative comparison of the N plant should be the corrosive steel printing process, and the relatively exquisite, laser steel printing. Small Crown AR did it relatively close to authentic. After the table buckle is buckled, the N plant has a relatively rough, a little cut. Ar is done more delicate, this position AR is with genuine. The laser standard behind the deduction, the N factory is black coating, and the V1 of Ar, this N plant is right. However, the ARV2 version has been corrected, so it doesn\’t matter.

9, the bottom cover is similar, both of which are steel + titanium alloys. The letter comparison, the relatives of n will be fine. The small crown N plant is full. Additional instructions, here the black coating font will be fleaming, this genuine will also have flea, so in order to avoid this, try not to get water or sea water, keep drying.

The above is the difference between the AR factory V1 version of the Rolex Ghostwear gradient blue and the N factory Rolex ghostwell gradient blue, but after the upgrade, we found that the discs and the scale have A big improvement, can be said to have more than the N factory, plus the AR case is 904 steel, although it cannot be said to be the same size of 904 stainless steel, but he It is also the 904 steel steel in our replica, and its fineness and the same product of the brightness plant market.

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