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Simple understanding of the details of love, others (love each other)

Simple understanding of the details of love, others (love each other)

At present, III 15710 The highest version is V8 version, the latest revolutionary upgrade V8 version is equipped with automatic import 3120 movement. Anti-magnetic device, rubber wrapped screw lock type crown cost-effective, love artifact, is a perfect man dress up.

This watch is very unique, and you can distinguish between the love of the 15710 tough and the wind, and the shape of the case is still using the AP marker. Octagonal, eight octagonal screws, housing material is a steel wire drawing process, and the screw uses polished material, and the case material is 316L steel.

Case: The case of the appearance of this table is basically mainly wire drawing and polishing process, which works with the same lathe craft. The wire drawing lines of the overall case are very beautiful. Case 316 steel wire drawing treatment is very good, the edge chamfer polishing is very meticulous, it can be close to the genuine case, it is visible to the case of the original mold tool, this is the other version can\’t match, no one. . Take a very delicate brigadier surface surface.

Field: The number and specifications of the chessboard are exquisite refinement, the depth of the dial is consistent with the original, and the pointer is also the later pure artificial grinding and there will be no burrs. 15710\’s face is good, the entire literal fitting, whether the length width, the scale length width, the latitude of the LOGO font and the lower 300m font, the width of the luminous filler, almost not the same as the authentic, have to say that JF is simple

Calendar: The calendar border is maintained as the genuine, and the JF version is contrasted together No difference in slightness

Mirror: sapphire crystal glass, wear resistant to scratch resistant anti-exposure treatment, and via a double-layer colorless coating anti-reflection treatment. The dial is used to love each other super-large-grid decoration, with a rod-shaped time standard, and the central distribution is distributed. The 3 o\’clock calendar window is also strictly created according to genuine 1: 1.

Inner ring: Overall, adjust the inner ring structure and genuine, the luminous coating on the inner ring scale is uniform, and the number is clearly visible.

Table champion: It is very vivid in the middle of the first black, the external black material is rubber, the design concept is to increase the resistance in underwater regulation. Steel is slippery. The design of the head completely retracted the relevant details of the original version.

Next: Take a look at the back, the rear cover is rounded, the inner ring is cast, the effect is good, the middle English is very strong. . The back is also fixed by eight screws, and each layer has a waterproof rubber ring, which is excellent in waterproof performance. The reduction degree of the bottom cover can be called consistent, the sandblast process and the font can be called perfection. Because the JF version has the bottom 2 bottom cover, I can only share the bottom of the back. Of course, I can\’t let the big fans are disappointed. Everyone adds the following microograms to have the most complete movement map, this The movement is 3120 movement, which is stable and reliable in this movement. Of course, this JF selling point is also.

Tableband: This watch is a tape, and it is very comfortable to wear. Although the rubber strap gives people a cheap sense, it is much better than the belt and steel strip in terms of comfort and strap. Winter cold fit will not have cold feelings, sweating in summer or choose a rubber strip material.

It is actually very simple, the genuine shock absorber position is at 6:30, the N-plant shock absorber is at 12 o\’clock, while JF is At 5:30, this JF is stronger than the N factory.

From the price, it can also experience the difference in reselection, integrated, 15710 to be better than the N plant.

Ai Pei 15710N factory and the shell is 316 steel steel, and there is a polishing at the edge chamfer, and the genuine is already unlimited. Close. Take a very delicate brushed effect on the head. Brushed engraving is also very comfortable, the workmanship is quite perfect.

The process, pointer, and scale of the scale, and the width of the font plug in the font. The ripple is very clear, aligned inside and outside, almost not found to find a rowless flaw,

Overall comparison: From the overall, it is high, the table The shell proportional and radians control is very accurate, and the orange display area of ​​12 when the diving scale of the inner side ring of the rotary dial is echoed. 15710 is a full steel case, outer ring, crown, 0-15 minutes for orange timer, pointer, titanium back circle and buckle. Sapphire glass mirror is used in the mirror and the lens.

Positive contrast: strong and powerful lines and fashion colors, it is refreshing. From the front, we can see that the black circle of 12 o\’clock to 3 o\’clock is different from the angle of light, and the color will be different; the screws of the outer casing are very good, and the details of the screw opening are also the same.

Mirror contrast: mirror and genuine use a sapphire glass mirror, and the authenticity is contrast to the same angle, keep the same transparent brightness.

Field details: In order to improve the clarity of read-time in the deep sea, black dial can be used with brand traditional MGATAPISSERIE super large grit, for the first time with orange fluorescent pointers, The 12 o\’clock to 3 o\’clock of the spent chronograph is also decorated with a black display area. This jumping color is easy to read time in the dark deep sea. The square grid specification in the literal is almost the same, there is no difference in temporary. After amplification, you can find that the genuine central axis is slightly larger than the product; the genuine disk font is very clear after enlargement.

Calendar contrast: calendar amplification contrast, the same number 6, genuine calendar font is very full, the number of calendar is slightly long.

Side contrast: As a wedger watch, the AP15710 is still relatively thick, and the genuine is in thickness.Consistent. The case is made of a total ceramic material and a bristles, compared to steel material, deeper, more stereo. The side edge angle is clear and angle sharp.

Tie comparison: It is very smooth in the production of the head, and the logo is carved to people feel very tough. The genuine handle is slightly worn.

Movement Comparison: The previous AP15710 is used in the 9015 movement, although there is no problem in the use, but as a back-through watch, one eye The fake is very embarrassing. Therefore, the JF version will officially upgrade the movement into a constant 3120 movement, so that the end-through movement structure is more chaotic. Due to the technical reasons, the direction of the unit is different from the authenticity, and it has to be further improved, from the following comparison The picture can be seen in the picture and the pattern has been consistent with the authenticity.

Table buckle contrast: rubber table with titanium alloy needle buckle, very simple and practical, and the wrist is full of hand, no sense. Whether it is worn during daily or diving, you can always adjust the comfort of the wearing. There is also very effort to sculpt the AP classic logo.

The advantage of this 15710 Royal Oak Offshore Watch isas: 1, the case / crown, titanium alloy buckle, back cover compression ring Exquisite workmanship; 2, hard and wear, don\’t worry about fading, moderate; 3, JF\’s orange is relatively positive, consistent with genuine; The main innovation point is the material used in the manufacture of the shell, lap and crown, and all steel has high hardness and scratching. If you use new materials, you can have a great effort to make the product, making this watch more hard and gorgeous.

Ai Ti 15703 and 15710 a lot of watch friends are stupid, in fact, these two tables look really the same, their difference is that 15703 is the second , 15710 is the bottom, you can see the movement directly, which style is mainly looking at the choice of the watchmaker.

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