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For so many years, it is still a top peak of the table | Atthen Table

For so many years, it is still a top peak of the table | Atthen Table

In the Song Dynasty, the words were written so, \”\” Night longer leaks and long, the screens, the silver tanks are destroyed. \”More leaks, named, is an ancient utensils for timing, missing time As early as historical books, it has already shown it in Western Zhou. Time is illusion into water droplets, a sound, continuous.

The sound from the machine world

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After the clock appears, the time has become a regular \”tick tick\” sound, but if we want to know the specific time, It is necessary to get through the read clock table. Prior to electricity inventions, people want to obtain time information in the lack of light, or is more inconvenient. So, the reporting table appeared, and it was able to accurately report, the time has a moving voice like music. After the questionnaina appeared, after the continuous development, until the end of the 19th century, the first three questions was officially available. Until today, the third question is still representative of the highest level of the tabulation.

But we also know that the tab will never be satisfied with the present.

Complex function peak: \”Ximin Temple\” three questions & activities

\”Xitense Temple\” three questions The emergence, let the third question report to the next level.

UK Westminster Church

Xitense Temple, said it is actually the UK\’s Westminster Church. This is adjacent to the British Thames, adjacent to the British Parliament Building, and the church is refined. In history, the time change, the day is ringing, and listen carefully, its bell can be knocked out. Four different hits: Mi, Do, Re, SO.

\”Ximense Temple\” three questions is the imitation of Xitense Temple\’s news clock, and the traditional three-question form (two hammer frame), \”Xitense Temple\” three questions Four hammer flowers, it is exhibiting four notes in Xitense Temple bells. Only only a few brands can be \”Xitense Temple\” three questions, such as

Patek Philippe How about high imitation watches,



Chi Bai


Bao Guli

, there is also

Atthen Table


San Marco

San Marco Activities Third Questionnaire In the \”Xitense Temple\” three questions, Athens is undoubtedly the leader. In 1983, after Joining the Athens Table, Rolf W. Schnyder, began to revive the three questions of traditional complex functions; in 1989, Athens Table launched the first \”Ximense Temple\” three questions and activity dolls. Ultra high complexity Watch : San Marco St. Ma Yunchang Third Questionnaire. This table is not only possible to knock out of beautiful, different levels of news, and the dice on the dial will follow the newspaper, so people can\’t help but think of the \”knock people\” on the ancient clock tower.

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Left is the Athens Table Venice Carnival San Question Time and right is the Athen Table Jazz San Questionnaire

After San Marco San Marco-active, Athens showed the three-question \”Xitense Temple\” three questions on the theme of different themes. Like \”Venice Carnival\”, \”Circus\”, \”Jazz\”, which is more familiar with the \”Xitense Temple\” three questions, \”Hanni\”, \”Alexander\”, \”Yiji Khan\” \”Activity people even Xitense Temple three questions, I want everyone to hear.

\”Hanni\” activities, Xi Min Temple, three questions

\”Genghis Khan\” activities Xie Min Temple three questions

How about high imitation watches \”Hanni\”, \”Alexander\”, \”Genghis Khan\” activities, Xi Min Temple, three questions, To be more complicated, it has increased the gavene wheel device, and the public cost is more than 5 million yuan. These tables will be seen from time to time in the domestic player circle. It can be seen that it is not just powerful, and very popular, one will be stunned. Taking the \”Genghis Khan\” event, Xie Min Temple, three questions (released in 2002), as an example, when starting the three-question device, the Mongolian soldiers on the dial will follow the newspaper.

The sound of the report is SOL, and the two obeys on the surface of the surface will wave The knife is piercing; the sound of the report has a different scale, and it is Mi-do-re-sol, two engraved is mi-do-su-sol-re-mi-do, then the three engraved is MI-DO- RE-SOL-SOL-RE-mi-do-mi-do-re-sol, the people on the dial will actually active; the sound of the scaled is Mi, at which time the wind disc is even on the right side of the cavalry will knock the spear. Harm the ring. If it is a three-point three-minute five points, the sound of the news is: Sol-Sol, Mi-Do-Re-Sol-Sol-re-Mi-DO-Mi-DO-RE-SOL, MI-Mi-Mi- Mi – mi.

Here you have to say a slightly 6 o\’clock position of the gyro, quite exquisite and beautiful. The bridge of Tuomene and James Pellaton were the same as the shape manufactured by the Atheni table in the twentieth century. The smooth curve allows the machine to have a soft feeling, and the middle of the drill has replaced our common ruby ​​with sapphire. How about high imitation watches

Athens Table Evolution Xie Min Temple Three questionings are more than just the peak of the \”Ximense Temple\” three questions, but also the peak of mechanical tabulation.

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Double Tiger Single Questionnaire

In addition to the active people, Xie Min Temple, three questions, Athens table also out of the activities of the people\’s doll, and the three-question forms mentioned above, the event is a single question The table has a self-sounding and reporting function, which will be reported to the \”Samurai\”, \”Double Tiger\”, \”Dance Niang\”, etc. in the Athens table, such as the \”Samurai\”, \”Dance\”, etc. of the Athens table.

Innovation of complex functions: \”Black Technology\”

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Qiu is the \”Upgrade version\” three questions, then the Phantom Phantom series of Phantom, the Phantom Phantom Series of the Athens Table, is a questionable innovation in another dimension.

鎏 金 series Phantom Phantom San Decision Diwaleley Light Edition

How about high imitation watches 鎏 金 series Phantom Phantom San Decoration Demoni Watley Limit Edition Although did not apply the activities of the activities, it has a very powerful sound quality: 100mm distances reached 85 decibels.

How to make the watch of the watch brighter, the decibel is higher? Let\’s take a look at the traditional questionnaire, when the hammer is knocked on the phone spring, the spring occurs, and the sound wave transfer will be affected by the case,


parts, etc., the tone is in this process Will weaken. So Athens table adopts a specially designed torsion arm system, connecting the bottom of the spring with the film, when the speaker is transmitted to the film by the tweezer arm system, the film area is large, and a large amount of air can be replaced after the force, Thus make the volume become large. This is the first step.

The sound is then propagated from the movement. Under the film, eight sound openings surrounding the UN-610 automatic movement are provided, and the titanium metal case is added, and the volume is further enhanced. How about high imitation watches

BLAST single reporting time watch

New product in Athena Table this year Blast single asked when the watch is also used in this special design, but the Phantom phantom is more difficult than the gold series of Phantom. It is more difficult to report, and the playability is, the new Blast is doing the newspaper. Cutout, showing the movement and reporting mechanisms.

The time function is the tone of the watch, which is the mechanical dance. Every time I talk about this complex function, I am somewhat worried. In daily life, these complex functionals are undoubtedly \”Yangchun Snow\” existence, and it has been converted from practicality to ornamental; despite this Athens Table still drilled on the road of complex machinery, because complex hours have enlarged our definition of the clock, it is the inheritance and continuation of the brand list, which is the strength of the top brand, it shaped A purely craft world, let us not help but be intoxicated.

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