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This Cartier \”Men is special\”, or Nicholas Tse\’s with paragraph | Cartier

This Cartier \”Men is special\”, or Nicholas Tse\’s with paragraph | Cartier

I really like Cartier . There are two reasons, one is when I just contacted table , the name of domestic circulation was far more than now. Cartier is one of my earliest awareness, first in the first. Second, the value of Cartier, is growing in my aesthetics.

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Cartier Drive

Cartier table, I have bought four before and after. Sizes,

Blue balloons , mountain gauges, keys and this drive. Drive is a specialized in Cartier watch , no female models. Players who are familiar with Cartier know that most of Cartier is the same as the men and women. Blue balloons, tanks, mountain gods, key, Pasa , London, etc., large size is men\’s watch , small size is female watch . This also reflects the strength of Cartier design, the balance of men\’s watch, and is very in place.

Cartier Drive How to buy high imitation watches on Taobao

Drive is launched in 2016. Cartier specializes in men designed for men, only two years, one is a card, a DRIVE series. After launch, the card is launched, it is suspended (the secondary market is circulated). At present, the special men\’s watch specially in Cartier is Drive. The Cartier Drive once made a saying of Nicholas, so it is known as \”Nichuan Feng\” in China.

Cartier Calendar

Diving Meter

, has been discontinued. How to buy high imitation watches on Taobao

The design level of Cartier, in the table, the first finger.

Cartier said the second, no one dared to say the first, all the extinguishes of the majority, there is a smart thinking, no mediocrity. Cartier Drive\’s case is a pillow shape. However, the case is different from the general pillow, and the seat case of Drive has a curved surface while using a curved, raised sapphire mirror, beautiful. The appearance distinguishes out of the general round men\’s watch, which is relatively high. Arc-shaped case side, opponentThe wrist forms a package.

Cartier Drive

This drive is a steel shell, a watch size of 40 mm (40 mm x 41 mm), 11.25 mm thick, is a standard The formal formwork, 11.25 mm thickness, is also very thin. The lap of the watch is not as wide, the disk is very open.

One feature of Cartier Watch

is that the polishing area is relatively large. The DRIVE housing is positive, the lap, and the ear is polished, and only the narrow housing side is brushed. The advantage of large-scale polishing is that the appearance of the watch is very bright, enhances the luxury; the disadvantage is that if there is a scratch, it will be more obvious, to avoid bumps.

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The thickness of the Cartia DRIVE is relatively thin and has a curved surface.

The crown is an important detail in Cartier. This Drive uses the octagonal crown, at the top of the crown, still a Cartier iconic blue spine.

Cartier table How to buy high imitation watches on Taobao crown, iconic blue spine.

In addition to the case, Cartier is on the dial, and it is also full of efforts. Whether it is a blue balloon, tank, mountain mass, Pasa, or this Drive, Cartier\’s disk decoration is more complicated. Drive\’s dial, from the central, four weeks, with radioclast decoration. In the twisted pattern, it is a silver scale ring. At the outer ring of the dial, it is a time trip with fine radius, and at the bottom of the disk, there is still a loop of twisted lines. At the same time, the small second disk is a recorded decoration. How to buy high imitation watches on Taobao

Cartia Drive disk detail.

Next, we can see that the 4 o\’clock time of Drive is used, which is IIII, not a regular Roman digital IV. This is a unique way of writing in the table. In this way, the VIII of 8 points, forms a clear distinction, preventing a mistake. At the same time, you pay attention to the VII marked at 7 o\’clock, there is hidden

Cartier How to buy high imitation watches on Taobao Sign, this is Cartier\’s \”hidden signature\”. The Cartier Drive\’s pointer is a blue steel pointer. Although it is never black, it is a very eye-catching blue, very beautiful.

Cartier hidden signature.

Like a general list, the disk is often only single decoration, such as a single radius, a single yacht clamp pattern, and the like. The complexity of the Cartier case design, the complexity of the dial decoration, exceeding the general list. This is the advantages and true colors of Cartier.

The dial decoration of the Cartier watch has always been more complicated. How to buy high imitation watches on Taobao

Cartier main men\’s watch, has been fully popular

movement How to buy high imitation watches on Taobao.

Cartier main men\’s watch, now there are two kinds of self-produced movements, with 1904mc automatic movement and 1847MC automatic movement, small three-needle table with 1904mc, large three-needle table with 1847mc ( Declaring Cardians, other brands other brands will modify the movement). At the same time, these two movements are also internal, shared movements, in addition to Cartier, in addition to Cartier, and other names of the Human Group, different brand movements will have some differences.

Using 1904MC movements include: Cartier, Earl


Roger Demu How to buy high imitation watches on Taobao,

Jiang Shi Denton


Use 1847MC movements including: Cartier,



Pane Sea How to buy high imitation watches on Taobao,

Wan Kingdom


Vacherndandon 1326 automatic movement, and Cartier 1904mc nature is a movement. This Cartier Drive uses the 1904mc automatic movement. 1904MC movement isIn 2010, Cartier dominates, and then used on the other names of the Life. 1326 movement like Jiang Shi Denni Wu\’er, Earl POLO of the 1110P movement, Roger Du Zin\’s small three-needle RD830 movement is the development model of this movement. The 1904mc movement is characterized by the featured, using a double-proof, the string of the magic rod. 1904MC movement size 25.6 mm, 27 gem bearings, swing frequency 28,800 times / hour, power for 48 hours. Cartier makes the movement of the movement into a C-shaped, echoing the Cartier brand logo.

Cartier 1904MC automatic movement Here a technical details, I want to say more. The 1904mc movement is a double-clock, but the driving force is 48 hours, not very long. Cartier has also made technical interpretation. The 1904mc movement double hair strip focused on the reinforcing torque, and did not place the center of gravity on a long force. Cartier 1904mc snap-in detail.

The upper clamp of the 1904mc movement has a landscape of the Geneva striped decoration, and the lower splint is a fish scale decoration, and the movement is decorated in accordance with the position of the Cartier. For example, the river temple Dethain version, the decoration will come up with a level. I have a table, the error is 2, 3 seconds, and people are satisfied.

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Cartier C-shaped folded buckle, visible table band inward fold.

Cartier Drive uses a crocodile leather strap and folding. Cartier C word fold buckle, very special, and other famous tables. The advantage is that the C-shaped buckle, the recognition is high, and the self-made one. However, the Cartier C is buckle, when adjusting the length of the lattice, the table is folded into the table, and the length is controlled by the flaps. If the operation is not familiar, it is easy to break the edge of the strap.

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Cartier Drive

Cartier Drive, Steel Shell Model, Public Price 49000. In the formal formwork, most of the famous tables are all scheduled menu. Only Cartier, from this Drive to BlueBall, tank, mountain gauge, Pasa, key, every table has a doctor, the value is very good, the fire is reasonable. In the early years, because Cartier has no popularity movement, some players have opinions. After that, Cartier has popularized 1904mc, 1847mc movement, and shared on the watches of Vacherndine, the Earl, Thailand, Panerai, and the movement configuration is improved. No short board. (Figure / text watch homestead)

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